The Waterhole Kingdom is an amalgamation of artists and forward thinkers, creatively innovative in their social movements through collective ventures such as: HippoEsthetics, Waterhole Kings LTD, Tuesday Blend, Junxion Complex, The Waterhole & The Fashion Fit Log mobile app. Its extensive marketing reaches into all aspects of hip couture and fashion-realigned clothing, social night life, visual media arts, digital design, music production & performance entertainment.  

Initially launched as a fashion brand HippoEsthetics, the Waterhole Kingdom is no stranger to setting itself apart and staying motivated to become a permanent fixture in a myriad of molds and mentions.  With an original outlook, collective visions are now being set on a new horizon for designers and creators to draw inspiration for future editions…  Just imagine, fresh new perspectives to meld old ideas for collaborations yet to come.

Please follow our Instagram account for the latest updates:  @waterholekingdom